Buddhist Cookery Event, Nov 8th (London)

November 2, 2009
Japanese Buddhist temple cuisine ( shojin ryori ) is presented by Mari Fijii who is a chef and author of shojin ryori, she teaches temple cuisine for over 20 years in Japan and recently she has promoted her cooking in New York and Paris. This November, she is coming to London to share the unique dishes based on fresh vegetables, and staples such as seaweed, grains and tofu. It will be a nourishing experience for both body and soul.

Shojin_RyoriBuddhist Temple Food

Time: 12:00 – 2:00pm

Venue: MACROBIOTICAFE Click here to book now!

1. Introduction to Shojin ryori
History of shojin ryori
Style of the dishes ( one soup and three dishes with rice )
Use of ingredients
(shojin ryori uses basic Japanese seasonings and unique soya product for their dishes, such as koyadofu, kuzu, konnyaku, seaweed, fu, whatever the unfamiliar ingredients for international people. )

2.  Demonstrate the method of the creation
Creation of look, texture, flavour
Ideas of Imitation dishes

3. Tasting sample dishes / As an imitation dishes.

When November 8th, 2009 12:00 PM
71 Regents Park Road
London, NW1 8UY
Contact Phone: 07921 397 792
Email: classes@atsukoskitchen.com
Event Fee
Demonstration of Japanese Buddhist Temple Cuisine £ 35.00